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The advantages of rail transit - mass transit, fast speed, safe and reliable, in time and comfort make rail transit becoming the main transportation in the city. The city rail transit has its own social and economic attributes are the main factors of city transport development strategy. It is also regarded as the backbone of the city transport system.

The traction motor of a rail transit train has the capability of regenerative braking. When the traction motor adopts electric braking, the synchronous speed of the traction motor is reduced at the same time. However, the rotor has an inertia effect when the train is running, so that the rotor speed is higher than the synchronous speed and the brake torque is generated. At this time, the motor becomes the generator characteristic operation, thus generating renewable energy sources. The renewable energy can not only supply each subsystem of the train with its own equipment, but also can be used by other trains that need electricity on the same route during that time, or stored in the vehicle battery pack. When the battery capacity is saturated, there is still a lot of excess regenerative power, which will lead to traction network voltage increases, endangering the relevant electrical equipment.

Currently used in the absorption program are:

Resistance energy-consuming

Capacitor energy storage 

Inverter feedback 

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